Sunday, June 26, 2016

Another Memorable Scout Camp

During the week of June 20-25, B7 Scouts and their leaders took part in the annual summer ritual known as Scout Camp, this year held at the Hinckley Scout Camp with a "bakers dozen" - and three leaders - in attendance.  Judging from the pictures it would appear the boys enjoyed good food and a great time outdoors!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Great Youth Conference at Snow College

Beginning on Wednesday, June 8 with time spent doing baptisms in the St. George Temple, 29 young men and women from the B7 Ward took part in a youth conference at Snow College in Ephraim, UT which was, in the words of those who attended “well-planned, exciting, and a really fun bonding experience” with lots of opportunities to “think and reason together.”

Through June 11, there were outstanding devotionals, special speakers; a dance for those 14-18 years old; a challenging ropes course, including a 10-foot high wall to be scaled and the chance to visit the Manti Temple to complete more baptisms for “a stack of names of those who needed out help to do this important work,” said YW President Jill Fraser.

Ben Owen said, “The best part of youth conference was probably the water fight.  It was fun because Bro. Fraser came in with a huge bucket of gutter water and he got us all wet. I poured a cup of freezing water on Mat’s head while he was wearing his hat and sunglasses.  He got me back.

“There was a ropes course the second day and we had to work with our team to get through the course.  There was a wall and when everyone got over, it made me think the wall is like the problems in life and we are trying to figure out how to get over them.  Nobody can get over a 10-foot wall alone because sometimes we fall but we can always pick ourselves up, especially when we have the help of our friends.  It was exciting and fun to attend Youth Conference.

Barbie Owen, who has attended Youth Conference at Snow College twice, really loved the ropes course! “I had 2 favorites out of the courses.  My first favorite one you had to climb up about a 30-foot pole (I don’t know how tall it actually was).  Then you walk across a plank bridge (I was really glad I had a harness and knew someone was holding onto my rope!)  It was really scary up there but after I got down I wanted to do it again!”  Another really fun activity – as tall as the last one I described – was one you had to jump off the small platform at the top and try to touch a ball out really far from the platform!  I was second to try it and I didn’t hold on to anything!  It was awesome and it felt like I was flying!

“I also liked the dance on Friday night where I tried a little breakdancing.”
Thanks to ward leaders Jill and Steve Fraser, Michael Anderson, Steve Gwilliam who also took part and our supportive Bishopric, including Bishop Mike Bair, 1st Counselor Boyd Kanenwisher and 2nd Counselor Jason Schall.