Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Carter and Mr. PV

Carter Nelson, one of three sons of Andrew and Nikki Nelson, was the guest-of-honor at the recent annual Mr. Pine View fundraising event.  Selected as the recipient for this year because of his medical needs, Carter – who has cerebral palsy – literally became the face of the fundraiser created by Pine View High School’s HOSA Club (“Health Occupation Students of America”). 

The event is simple:  clubs on campus select a candidate who fundraises before representing them in a pageant competition for the title of Mr. PV. 

To be selected, the recipient must meet two criteria:  the child or family must have significant medical and/or financial need; and, there must be a clear connection to Pine View High School.  Carter met both criteria because his mother is a PVHS alum and her brother-in-law is on the school’s faculty.

Students at Bloomington Elementary were so excited to have “one of their own” selected as the recipient they created their own fundraiser so they could add to the big amount.

Fundraising officially began on February 12 at Pine View’s last home basketball game against Desert Hills High School where Carter was introduced during the game’s halftime and event organizers told the crowd in the stands a little about his disability. 

States Mom Nikki, “It was a very surreal moment for us.  Carter received a standing ovation and lots of applause. Of course, he loved it and blew lots and lots of kisses.”

During the week until fundraising ended on February 19, the Nelson family – and Carter – participated in several other activities, including a 5K and mile fun run hosted by the HOSA Club.  At every activity, Carter met and made lots of new friends, got fist bumps, high fives, kisses, hugs and smiles.  He literally was the star of every show and loved it. 

On Friday, February 21, following a dance for PVHS students, 8 finalists were announced based on the amount of money each had raised.  In true pageant style, finalists were required to present a talent and “strut their stuff” in active wear representative of their team or club. Then they showed a video chronicling the progress Carter has made since birth, which brought the house to tears.

Nikki arranged to have escorts for each of the finalists.  Familiar to the members of B7 Ward, Jaselle Mills (niece of Randy and Shar Simkins),  Addison Nelson (daughter of Emma Nelson, granddaughter of Claude and Kathryn Warner and great-granddaughter of Lloyd and Luana Warner), Ivie Forsyth (daughter of Steve and Tina Forsyth), Gracie and Nellie Green (daughters of Jacob and Annie Green) and friends from school McKinlie Hoggan, Nancy Nelson, and Elleana Theodore were twirled and given a rose as they escorted their guy onto the stage where each finalist was asked two questions.

While the votes were tallied, the entire Nelson family was invited to the stage where Carter blew more kisses and more questions were answered.  In addition, Nikki was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers and Carter received a minion toy (now his favorite play thing).  The final “moment” for the Nelson family came when they were presented with a “giant publishers clearing house” check for the amount raised by the students.  

States Nikki, “The amount blew me away. We were shocked and humbled all at once. To think these kids had created the fundraising event and willingly given so selflessly for a kid many of them never even got to meet was more gratitude than our hearts could handle.”

The final act of the evening was the crowning of Mr. PV, then the Nelson’s were able to meet many of the students involved and take “lots and lots of pictures while we tried really hard to soak in the feeling of the moment.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity we had to participate in this amazing event. Yes, the money will be very helpful but it’s more than that. It’s the togetherness it brought to the community.  It’s the lessons the kids at Pine View learned about selfless giving, about Cerebral Palsy and what it’s like for a kiddo like Carter.  It’s the friendships created which might never have happened otherwise.  It’s about humility for us as a family to be willing to accept a gift we can never repay.  The list goes on.  I can’t wait until next year when we get to help someone else have this amazing experience and feeling. It will be a moment when we can pay it forward, even a tiny bit!”

Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome Home, Sister Elizabeth Bown

Elizabeth Bown, the third fulltime missionary in the family of James and Paula Bown, returned with honor on February 20 from service in the Poland Warsaw Mission.  “It was the most amazing 18 months of my life.  I know all returning missionaries say that but it truly was and I miss the people already,” states this beautiful young woman. 

Although she appears to have mastered one of the world’s ten most difficult languages, she laughs when she thinks back to her first few weeks in the MTC.  “I was quite certain I would be the only missionary in the church who could not successfully learn the language I was called to speak!  I did it, but along the way I also learned – more than ever – humility and how much I needed to rely on the Lord.” 

During her time in Poland she served in five cities and saw the work move forward in a handful of branches administered by young leaders – both in age and in membership, but not without their own strong testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Now home in Bloomington, Elizabeth is enjoying the early spring weather after spending more than half her mission in Poland's snow and ice.  She is also relishing time catching up with her sisters Sarah, Caroline, Grace and Martha and following the missionary successes of her only brother Peter, currently serving in the Texas Houston Mission.

What does her future hold now that she is back in the arms of her family and friends?  According to President Bown, his second daughter will work in his office for the next two months, then return to BYU for the spring semester of her third year studying Human Relations.

Welcome home, Sister Elizabeth Bown.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

B7 Welcomes Newlyweds Emma and Carson Schaub

Newlyweds Carson and Emma Schaub joined the Bloomington 7th Ward in January 2014. Married on November 1, 2013, in the Mesa, AZ temple, both attend Dixie State University. Emma is majoring in Graphic Design and Carson will likely be pursuing a degree in Business.  Some in the ward might know Emma's grandparents, Richard and Bonnie Ball and Sidney and Mary Ann Atkin. Emma's parents are originally from St. George and went to Dixie before settling in Arizona.  

Carson is from Gilbert, AZ, where he and Emma met in high school and dated before he left her behind to serve a mission to Romania. Staying in touch through letters and emails the pair was engaged soon after his return in March 2013. "He proposed at Disneyland after dinner at The Blue Bayou restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean," Emma says, adding, "We both really love Disneyland. We went to Disneyland six times within the last year, I think." 

The couple planned their nuptials for November, wanting to wait until the weather cooled in Arizona. November, however, turned out to be a busy month for Emma and her family. Emma's older sister became engaged last summer and married two weeks after Emma and Carson were wed. The decision to move to The Vintage in St. George "made sense," Emma explains, thanks in part to their family connections here.  Her older brother is also enrolled at Dixie, and Emma and Carson each have scholarships to attend Dixie. 

Please welcome newlyweds, Emma and Carson Schaub.

New Beginnings for Young Women

“New Beginnings” on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 introduced the newest members of the Beehive class to the Young Womens program.  Gabbie Graham, Thailer Lindquist, Melissa Larson, Sage Wilkes and Jillian Thomas learned about Young Women Values and the Personal Progress program from other B7 girls and YW leaders.  The evening for young women, 12-18 and their parents, was conducted by Emily Forsyth and included a skit written by Lori Bair, introduction of the theme by Grace Graham, speakers Michelle Carlston and Bishop Goldhardt and a performance of the song “Come Unto Christ” by the Young Women, with solos by Grace Graham, Tiana Schall and Emily Forsyth and signed by Elizabeth Larson.   

As the final speaker, Bishop Goldhardt reminded the young women “there are many ‘new beginnings’ in life … birth, school, a new home, marriage, birth of children like Jake and Annie Green’s baby boy born today.   Taking the Sacrament each week is also a ‘new beginning' because it provides us – through the Atonement of Jesus Christ – with a fresh start through our repentance.  I love hearing testimonies borne by you young women on the first Sunday of each month.  Some are less than 30 seconds long, but they are powerful and filled with the love of the Savior.  Those of you who consistently follow the Young Women values will have the strength to deal with whatever life has in store for you!  Follow the YW theme this year.  Perfection comes only through Jesus Christ and His gospel.”

Leaders of the B7 Young Women’s program are:

·                     Cheryl Kanenwisher, President
·                     Lori Bair, First Counselor
·                     Annie Green, Second Counselor
·                     Nancy Anderson, Secretary
·                     Rebecca Larson, Laurel Advisor
·                     Vanda Lawson, Mia Maid Advisor
·                     Trudy Oviatt, Beehive Advisor
·                     Michelle Carlston, Personal Progress

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines for the Bishop

Bishop Goldhardt recently had a "heart attack" ... which put a big smile on his face.  In celebration of Valentine's Day, B7's Primary children gathered for an activity where they learned about "loving thy neighbor."  During the event they decorated cookies and made paper valentine's for special people in their lives.  These young members also showed love for their bishop by pasting hearts on his office door.  Thanks to all who helped with the event and those who participated.  The Primary loves your children!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Addison is Baptized

Addison Nelson, daughter of Emma Nelson, little sister to Paige and Bryce, and great-granddaughter of Lloyd and Luana Warner, was baptized by immersion and confirmed to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by her grandfather Claude Warner on Saturday, February 8.  By her decision to be baptized, the 8-year-old stepped through the gate and onto the path to eternal life. The newest member of the Bloomington 7th Ward is a student at Bloomington Elementary School.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Til We Meet Again, Brother Dave Nelson

Those of the Bloomington 7th Ward have once again said goodbye to a long time member and friend.  Dave Nelson, described by his children as “a simple man who would be outraged by all this fuss,” passed from this life on February 4, 2014 surrounded by his family.  The third of five children – and an identical twin brother to Dale Nelson - was called “a great example, a great father, a great missionary and a man with an unparalled work ethic who served others and loved his family.  He was a friend, a mentor, a hero and was happiest when doing the Lord’s work.”

As a young man, Elder Nelson served a fulltime mission in the Australia West Mission, then started college where he met and married Madge Wilson, who he always described as “the eternal love of my life."

They immediately started a family even though they had only $2 to their name and throughout the years their home was blessed with five children – 3 boys and 2 girls.   They have now also been blessed with seven grandchildren.

At age 58, the busy mechanic went back to school to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and soon after became a Job Corps advanced automotive instructor in Ogden where he has worked since then though he kept his membership records in Bloomington.  In addition to his own, he also had a huge impact on the life of his many young students who loved him like a father. Noted his son Christian, “dad is now in a place where the tools are always within reach, where the right socket is on the end of the wrench and where everyone knows what he wants when he asks for it.”

Farewell, Brother Dave.  You will be greatly missed by your students, friends, family and the members of the Bloomington 7th Ward whose lives you touched.