Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet B7's Newest Member

On June 16, 8-year-old Ashton Gardner was baptized by immersion by his big brother Wesley Woodland and received the gift of the Holy Ghost from his uncle Quincy Adams to become the newest baptized member of the Bloomington 7th Ward. The son of Jerry and Shauna Peterson Gardner will soon be in the 3rd grade at Panorama Elementary School.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sappingtons Return from the West Indies Mission

Elder Ed and Sister Linda Sappington returned to their Bloomington Ward family on June 11 after having served four months in the West Indies Mission office in Trinidad and 14 months in Guyana, South America (formerly known as British Guiana).  Called to serve as Guyana PEF missionaries, their assignment expanded dramatically after hearing Caribbean Area President Francisco ViƱas teach, “It’s not enough just to baptize.  We must teach them to read so they can get an education.  We must help them qualify for jobs so they can support their families.  We must minister to our members from birth to the cemetery!”  “At that moment, we were impressed to ‘teach them what we know!’,” states Sister Sappington.  “What we know is computers, employment and fun!  When we embraced those three concepts, our mission truly became remarkable!” 
For Elder Sappington, the most enjoyable experience of their mission together was “making a difference in the lives of young people through the Perpetual Education Fund program . . . and taking thousands of great pictures of this beautiful country!”

Sister Sappington found her most enjoyable experiences to be “hearing the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of students attending basic computer classes or Secretary School, getting kids excited about going to school and of course, interacting with young single adults at the YSA Center and the other senior couples with whom we have served.  I have also enjoyed helping people find meaningful employment – especially missionaries returning home.  I have particularly loved, loved, loved the experience of helping them recognize the minimum of TEN wonderful, marketable skills they developed on their missions!”

The Sappingtons agree, “we will miss the tropical landscapes, our young single adults and the other couples with whom we have served” and encourage other couples in the Bloomington 7th Ward to consider the joy of missionary service!  "There are dozens of assignments to fit your skill set and hundreds of locations . . . and much of your missionary service is tax deductible!"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Bloomington 7th "Shinies"

Our Young Women lived up to their kingdom name of the "Shinies" this year at Girls Camp.

We chose the name "Shinies" to remind us to live to our potential as counseled by Sis. Elaine Dalton.  She dubbed the Young Women of the Church this in a talk entitled "Now is the Time to Arise and Shine".

Our home away from home was at Camp Little Thunder, high above Cedar City.  By night, we spent the duration of our time in metal storage containers equipped with bunks.  By day we enjoyed the deep blue skies and Quaking Aspens.

Not only were the Young Women spiritually fed, but they learned a thing or two about cooking outdoors.  

The Bloomington Stake worked so hard and provided a way for the girls to feel the Spirit and learn of their Divine Nature.  One of the first things they taught the girls, was how to say their Young Women's theme through sign language, which they learned perfectly and performed for the Bishop and Bro. Stephens when they visited our campsite on the last evening.  The girls were more than thrilled to perform for their supper of Cafe Rio! 

Girls Camp was an experience not soon forgotten.

We thank Bro. Kanenwisher, Sis. Bown and Bro. Larson for ferrying us to and fro and to our Bishop and Bro. Stephens for visiting us and participating in the testimony meeting.  Thank you Bishop for providing nourishment by way of our favorite food too!

Thank you to Lisa Carson, who was our camp director extraordinaire.  She came very prepared to teach  and show our girls much love.  We are grateful for all of her hard work.

Thank you to the Stake leaders who provided, taught and shared by example, the way to Arise and Shine forth.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Girls Camp Prep

Our Young Women are gearing up for Girls Camp!  They are prepared to cook great camp food!