Monday, April 30, 2012

Scouts Update

The following boys are to be recognized for their recent advancement - most of which will be presented during a Stake Court of Honor in May:

Jake Stokes - First Class
Justin Meikle - Star

Merit Badges:

Completed Merit Badges from the Tonaquint Nature Center Classes:
Luke Gwilliam - Soil and Water Conservation
Justin Meikle - Soil and Water Conservation
Adam Gwilliam - Soil and Water Conservation
Justin Meikle - Nature
Jake Stokes - Bird Study
Justin Meikle - Bird Study

Troop Organized Merit Badge Classes:Matthew Clark - Fire Safety
Dallin Forsyth - Citizenship in the Community
Justin Meikle - Citizenship in the Community
Jake Stokes - Citizenship in the Community

Individual Initiative:Christian Goldhardt  - Citizenship in the Community

Other Awards:Luke Gwilliam - World Conservation Award (earned from the combination of Citizenship in the World, Environmental Science and either Soil and Water Conservation or Fish and Wildlife Management.
Adam Gwilliam - World Conservation Award
Justin Meikle - World Conservation Award

Congratulations to our scouts and their effort at continuing their advancement.

Thunder over Utah campout:

Except for a little wind that picked up at the end, the Thunder over Utah campout was a huge success.   The boys provided 2 hours of community service - selling programs, and many boys finished their service requirements for Citizenship in the Community.   Zach Gierisch was our top program salesman.  Brother Gary Anderson provided supper and breakfast and his service is particularly appreciated.   The exhibits were great but the F-22 Raptor and Blue Angels and their F-18s were the highlights.  Thanks to Steve Gwilliam, our Assistant Scoutmaster and camping coordinator for facilitating this campout.  It was great to have a joint campout with the 11 year-old scouts. This was McKay Goldhardt's first overnighter and he did a fine job setting up own his tent.  
Participating leaders included Bishop Goldhardt and Brothers C. Warner, Larson, Simpkins, Gwilliams, G. Anderson, Meikle and Woodland.