Monday, October 31, 2011

In This Very Room

Our youth had the privilege of hosting and carrying out a Halloween activity for the Green Valley Special Needs Mutual last week.  They arrived at the church early to set up and be instructed in a prayer meeting on how to be a special helper to the "angel friends" who would be attending.

There are currently four special needs mutual programs running in Washington County. Each program has a Young Men's Presidency, a Young Women's Presidency and all the counselors and advisors that a regular mutual would have.  These leaders plan and hold activities very similar to the ones that our youth participate in.  Special Needs Mutual meets weekly and participates in scouting, personal progress, courts of honor, dances, talent shows, and many other activities.

The Bloomington 7th Ward YM and YW helped their new friends decorate sugar cookies, paint pictures, play pumpkin bowling and sing songs.  Everyone had a wonderful time enjoying each other's company and friendship.  The theme for the Special Needs Mutual is, "In This Very Room".  Our ward was blessed to hear a performance of this musical number accompanied with sign language.  The Spirit was very strong as they sang, "For Jesus, Lord Jesus....Is In This Very Room." There is no doubt of the Saviors love for all His children.

Serving the Special Needs Mutual is an opportunity that our youth will never forget.  Friendships were forged, service was given and the Spirit was felt in abundance. These "angel friends" are an inspiration.  Our youth know that when they served them, they received much more than they gave.

Our ward was also blessed to be able to hear the Special Needs Mutual come and speak and sing at Sacrament this last Sunday as well.  We will miss their great hugs and the joy they brought to us and we look forward to seeing them again. Thank you to all those who made this activity possible.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kids in Kanarraville

The Bloomington 7th ward youth went on a hiking adventure in the Kanarraville Creek last Saturday.

What a great day for our great youth!  Thanks Sis. Stephenson for making it happen!