Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gentlemen . . . Start Your Engines

Engines roared . . . fans cheered and everyone had a great time! It was not NASCAR! This exciting and high speed race was the annual Pinewood Derby where with the help of parents, scouts in Troop 817 built their cars from kits containing a block of pine, plastic wheels and metal axles, then raced them down a 25-foot track. The overall winner in the pack competition was Wyatt Woodland. Second place went to Dallen Forsyth and Luke Wilkes took home the 3rd place trophy. Dallen Forsyth placed first among the Webelos in den competition. Wyatt Woodland won in the Bear Den and Shane Simkins (wow, can this boy scream!!!) was the top dog in the Wolf Den. Zachary Gierisch placed first among the scouts who competed. McKay Goldhardt was recognized for his "most unique car" then crossed the finish line first in the classic car race and Ian Anderson was first in the family car race. In non-competition events, Tanner Nielson will compete at the Scout Expo on Saturday, April 10 for "best in show." Also at the Expo, Stephen Larson will represent Cub Scouts all over the region as a flag bearer in the "first time, extra special" Grand American Parade. Stephen will also receive a BSA 100-year anniversary commemorative neckerchief for selling the most Expo tickets.
The pinewood derby was selected by Reader's Digest as part of "America's 100 Best" in 2006 as "a celebrated rite of spring."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Relief Society

On Wednesday, March 10, sisters in the Bloomington 7th Ward gathered to "Remember When . . ." The beautiful evening, which included a light dinner complete with various flavors of birthday cake, commemorated the organization of the Relief Society on March 17, 1842 by the Prophet Joseph and also celebrated the lives and times of senior sisters Leslie Bess (92), Caryl Knowlton (89), Pat Callister (86), Carma Keller (90), Ruth Swanson (93), Marjory Handley (88) and Beth Foxley-Iverson (91). Jaydon Webster, an "Eagle Warrior" graduate of Snow Canyon High School and the school's outstanding music student last year, serenaded the sisters with Broadway tunes and golden oldies. Thanks to the food committee including Margo Parker, Clair Cammack, Deanna Hill, Lorna Hendrickson, Carol Stephen and Sherolyn Pedersen for a delicious meal on a memorable evening!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cub Scouts Celebrate 100!!!

Cub Scouts of the Bloomington 7th Ward gathered with families and leaders on Thursday, February 25 for the annual Blue and Gold Banquet. This event, held each year during the anniversary week of Scouting, celebrated100 years of Scouting in America and the accomplishments of the boys in BSA Troop 817 - 100% who advanced this year. In addition to these two important milestones, the event also celebrated 80 awards earned this year and welcomed new Cub Scout Tyler Nelson - and Quincy Adams and Ben Bowler - both who are about to turn 8. The fun-filled evening included a rousing game of Cub Scout bingo and a delicious meal prepared by Tina Forsyth, Roma Goldhardt, Sunnie Adams and Gentry Wright. Thanks to pack leaders and parents who support the program and especially to our Cub Scouts who have worked so hard this year.