Thursday, March 22, 2018

B7 Relief Society Celebrates 176 Years

The sisters of the B7 Ward celebrated the 176th birthday of Relief Society on Thursday, March 22 with an abundANT dinner, a pleasANT program, some jubilANT music by Janet Labrum on her guitar as well as happy ANTics and an informANTive lesson on ANTS by Cheryl Terry.

Thanks to all who were not hesitANT to come out on a cool and cloudy spring evening.  Special thanks to those who gave their ever constANT support, talents and time including the food committee (Kathy Tobler as chair, Anita Sterner, Bonnie Sorenson and Elaine Christensen); Melissa and Sarah Larson and Martha Bown who cared for babies and toddlers so Moms' could attend the party; and Cheryl Terry who was responsible for the delightful program as well as the decorations.

It was a very fun evening and another triumphANT B7 event.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Beginnings Welcomes New Girls

New Beginnings on the evening of Sunday, February 11 was a beautiful program with our amazing young women welcoming 4 girls turning twelve in the next few months and transitioning from Primary into Young Women's.

To begin, New YW President Annie Green spoke on peace and the importance of finding peace in Christ.

From there, the program was almost all girl-powered with Olivia Kerr delivering the Young Womens theme, before inviting all to stand and recite it together.  Then Grace Christensen shared thoughts on the motto. 

Traci Clem, a member of the Beehive class; Sally Fraser, a Mia Maid; and Cara Bair, a Laurel, explained the symbols of each class.

Those who introduced the values of the Personal Progress program included Ivie Adams (Faith), Sage Wilkes (Divine Nature), Melissa Larson (Individual Worth and Good Works), Martha Bown (Knowledge), Alanis Taylor (Choice and Accountability), Alyssa Brown (Integrity) and Andrea Brown (Virtue).

Wrapping up this beautiful program, Laura Brown, who earned her Young Womanhood Recognition Award at an early age spoke on What My Honor Bee Means and Tavia Clem, who will soon be receiving her Young Womanhood Recognition spoke on why she decided to work toward this important achievement.

The future of the Church and the world was gathered in the YWs room.  What an outstanding group of Young Women.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Returnere med ære, Sister Aspen Honey Bair

Sister Aspen Honey Bair, 3rd of Bishop Mike and Lori Bair's 4 children - and their 2nd missionary - entered the Provo MTC on Wednesday, February 14 for the first 6 weeks of her 18 months of service in the Norway Oslo Mission.  This is also where she will begin to learn the language of her mission.  

Norwegian is a Germanic language but is closely related to Danish and Swedish. Written Norwegian is virtually identical to Danish. Swedes, Norwegians and the Danish understand each other easily. Norwegian is also related to Icelandic, German, Dutch, and English and is considered the easiest of the Scandinavian languages to learn.

Sister Bair states she requested a foreign mission when she submitted her missionary application, but was shocked to discover her assigned mission field when she opened her call letter just before Thanksgiving.  “I didn’t even know where Norway is,” she notes with a smile, “but those who have been there tell me 'it is beautiful, although the winters take some getting used to'.” 

The Book of Mormon was translated into Danish in 1850 - the first language other than English and only 20 years after the Church was organized – which was used in early proselytizing in Norway. The first missionaries came to Norway in 1851 and the first two congregations were organized in July 1852. By 1930 there were over 8,000 members. But, large numbers of Norwegian members emigrated to the United States beginning in the late 1800's although this out-migration virtually stopped after World War II.  This "seeking their Zion" limited expansion of the Church in Norway.  Post-war, Norway became in increasingly secular country.  Despite this secularization, there are now more than a few 2nd and 3rd generation faithful members and strong Church leadership in Norway.  Current membership in Norway's only mission is 4,633.

The members of the B7 Ward look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing the growth of your testimony.  May God be with you ... 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Activity Days Girls Use the Alphabet for Service

The Activity Day Girls had lots of fun doing a service project for Switchpoint.  They did an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt for canned goods relating to each letter they were assigned (i.e., B for beans, P for peanut butter, T for tuna fish).  They had 25 minutes to find their canned goods at the homes of neighbors and ward members, and while they didn’t get all of them, they did pretty darned good in collecting food items for local residents in need.  These girls are awesome!  Thanks to all those who helped them out.

Activity Days is a Primary program which meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month with Sisters Elaine Christensen, Tami Sevier, Anita Sterner and Donna Ortiz called to serve as Activity Day leaders.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hannah Kerr to Serve in Washington DC North Mission

Sister Hannah Kerr, oldest of Charlie and Sarah Kerr’s four children, entered the Provo MTC on Wednesday, February 7 for the first month (3 weeks at the MTC plus one additional week at the Salt Lake Temple Visitor Center) of her 18-months of fulltime missionary service in the Washington DC North Mission.  

While her call letter from Presidents Monson, Eyring and Uchtdorf tells her she will serve in the Temple Visitors Center, she has also been told she will have the opportunity to  “knock doors” every other day in search of the those the Lord has prepared to hear the gospel message.  Another assignment for this enthusiastic sister missionary will be to serve as one of the Church’s online representatives, teaching those who call Church headquarters for more information, before passing them along to missionaries in their own area.

“I didn’t really have a burning desire to serve a mission,” notes Sister Kerr, “but then I got my patriarchal blessing and it talked a lot about missionary service, so I had a change of heart when I realized the Lord had a mission in mind for me.  I love history and I thought serving in a visitor center sounded really fun, so getting to serve in Washington DC feels like a miracle.  I didn’t really worry about serving outside of the U. S., but I’m OK with a call to serve stateside, and can’t wait to get underway!”

The Washington DC North Mission, based in Potomac, Maryland, currently has 2758 members in 3 congregations in the District of Columbia.  Described as a “melting pot of diverse ethnicities, including large communities of immigrants from Ethiopia, Ghana, China and other places” the area is also said to have “gorgeous landscapes with luxurious vegetation” and “awesome spring weather, hot and humid summers, beautiful fall days and nights, and lots of snow in the cold wintertime … all accentuated with buckets of rain throughout the year.” 

We wish you well on this journey, Sister Kerr and look forward to hearing of your missionary adventures and growing testimony.

Norah is B7 Ward's Newest Member

Norah Fielding, oldest of Logan and Katey Fielding’s 3 children was baptized and confirmed by her father at the Bloomington Stake Center on Saturday, January 20, 2018.  The 8-year-old 2nd grader at Bloomington Elementary, described by her mother as “amazing, smart and strong-willed,” was  - at this beautiful service - surrounded with the love of her parents and younger siblings as well as grandparents from Logan, aunts and uncles from Salt Lake City as well as grandparents … and “greats” – from St. George.

When not in school, Norah enjoys ice skating, tumbling, any kind of art project, playing her ukulele … and, Primary!

Norah, who reached the age of accountability this month, has learned at home and in Primary about the importance of her baptism by immersion which represents the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and which information and testimony serves as a reminder to this beautiful new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of her promise to follow the Savior and keep His commandments.

Friday, January 5, 2018

New YW Presidency Called and Sustained

Sisters Annie Green, Briette Peterson and Brittani Munk, with Katie Christensen again called to serve as YW Secretary, are the newly called Young Women's Presidency following the release of Sisters Jill Fraser, Kim Christensen and Shar Simkins after 4 years of service to (currently) 36 girls - ages 12 to 18 - in the B7 Ward.

With the 2018 Young Women's theme of "Peace in Christ" to guide their activities, the new YW Presidency is determined to build upon the strength and testimonies of their predecessors in all they do, including recognizing the 100th anniversary of Girls Camp this year, while assisting parents and priesthood leaders in guiding young women on the path to the temple and helping them grow their testimony of Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ and the restored gospel.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Bienvenido a casa, Hermana Simkins

Hermana Summer Simkins returned to her St. George home and family on Friday, December 15, 2017 after 18-months of full-time service to the Lord's children in the Argentina Neuguen Mission. She was greeted at the airport by many friends and family members - including Shane, Jarrett, Jillian, Jaxson and Giselle - noting coming home is "weird.  She is missing those she loves in Argentina but is happy to be back with her family and friends. What's in her future? She is a semester away from having an Associate Degree from Dixie State University and with her 18 credits of bright and shiny new Spanish-language skills she will be ready to move ahead toward a degree in, maybe, journalism or literature.

Summer is still in that crazy place where she is speaking in English after she has translated in her head from Spanish.  She calls hers the best mission in the world and reports she loved the people who are “so loving!”  

Apostle Melvin J. Ballard dedicated the country of Argentina to the preaching of the gospel in 1925 when the first mission in South America was established. Today there are 445,108 members, 14 missions and 2 temples – one in Buenos Aires (dedicated in 1980) and one in Cordoba (dedicated in 2015).

Welcome home, Summer.  We’ll miss your enthusiastic and testimony building letters every week.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

B7 Celebrates Christmas 2017

B7 Ward members, friends and neighbors gathered together to celebrate Christmas 2017 on Saturday, December 9. The dinner was delicious, the Primary sang their little hearts out and Santa Claus was a big hit! Thanks to all who came out for the fun and socializing. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Relief Society Celebrates Christmas

B7’s Relief Society Christmas Party was, as always, delightful and filled to capacity with neighbors, friends and sisters in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thanks to all who helped with beautiful stage and table decorations, including Lain Carter, Roena Soliai, Natalie Saari, Marina Hunsaker, Ashley Lund and Cheryl Terry.  Thanks, too, to Aubrey Van Wagoner and her daughter Kara Brown for catering our delicious dinner (Kara, a Sterling Scholar, has recently been notified of the award of a scholarship to study Culinary Arts at the amazing new Dixie Technical College – Dixie Tech for short) and to B7 Young Women who served the hot meal to the sisters in the room.  Another sincere thank you goes to Sylvia Johnson who created the posters and invitations … and to all the sisters who brought desserts and those who helped with the cleanup.

The program, called “The Garden Path:  Reveries and Reflections of Mary, the Mother of Christ” was written and presented by Kathryn Barclay as the "reflective Mary," including some of the music, performed by Lauretta Swansborough with accompaniment by Julie Welch.  Maureen Taylor gave a touching performance of the young Mary. Technical support was provided by Rebecca Swansborough. 

It was a wonderful evening, filled with good food, socializing, beautiful faces and a richly spiritual program.